Dr. Caroline Hacohen
Educational and Child Psychologist

Years of professional experience  with parents, children and schools

About Us

I am an English-Israeli educational psychologist (EP), fully accredited in both countries*. I specialize in transition issues, including second language learning and language disabilities, having researched this area for my doctorate and having professional and personal experience with childrens’ transitions to new countries. I worked for seven years as an EP in schools in Jerusalem before moving temporarily to London from 2002 till summer 2006 for my husband’s work. I had also lived with my children in Boston for a year, earlier, so I have had the chance to notice how critical the school experience is to a successful family absorption.


Newly relocated children sometimes have needs that aren’t addressed by the schools, and their families often feel hesitant about asking for help. My work involves various areas relating to families in transition, including:

  • Consultancy work with staff and parents together when a child isn’t settling, to implement ideas in the school which can help the transition.
  • Psycho-educational assessments when the parents or the school feel there is an educational/social/emotional issue which needs to be looked at. Assessments take place in English and Hebrew, and the report can be in either language, depending on the parents’ need.
  • Liaising with schools and tracking how staff manage the integration and implement recommendations from the assessments.
  • Student, parent and teacher seminars on issues of relocation – including: the emotional and educational well-being of the child, and building school transition resources.

*Practitioner Psychologist - 
HCPC Register, UK; 

Chartered Member (CPsychol) - British Psychological Society

Mumchit - Pinkas Hapsychologim, Israel

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